10 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress before Moving-out

Moving out is the hardest thing that you and your family will go through. There are so many emotional and psychological issues that you have to deal with. I can tell you firsthand that it’s not an easy thing to do at all. But if you follow my simple steps on how to move, then your move will be stress-free and a great success!

1. Start Small.
Things that are not regularly used can go to boxes first. Don’t forget to mark those boxes. Start from one room then proceed to another.

2. Talk to your landlord.
If you’re renting, tell your landlord when your move will be to ensure you’ve processed all pending transactions.

3. Keep your kids and pets safe.

Moving can be chaotic so make sure to keep your kids and pets away as the constant movement of materials can be dangerous for them.

4. Prepare packing materials.

Make sure you have all the packing materials you need. Check how many boxes you need.

5. Move boxes to one room.

If you can’t transport the boxes to your new place just yet, gather them up and place them in one corner or a separate room altogether. This makes it much easier to clean the rest of the house thoroughly and efficiently without bumping into any of your packed stuff! Once you’re fully moved out, you can clean the room that housed your boxes and roughly go over the rest of the place if needed.

6. Clean from Top to Bottom.

Begin your move-out cleaning by removing cobwebs and dust from the ceilings. We advise tying a scarf over your nose and mouth for this as the dust and dirt will become airborne as you start wiping the ceiling. You can get up on a ladder to do this or simply place a rag over your mop and tie the corners to the pole for a makeshift, long-handled duster! Next, start wiping the walls from top to bottom using clean rags to remove dust. For stains, take a damp cloth that has been wrung properly and gently rub over them so that you don’t damage the paint or wall while cleaning.

7. Clean windows and Doorframes.

Free your window frames and glass panes of dust with a good wipe-down. Use window cleaner to remove stains or marks from the glass and brighten up the frames by wiping them with a damp cloth. Do the same for your doors and doorframes around the house for thorough cleaning of the place.

8. Scrub Kitchen Counters and Cabinets.

Depending on the condition of your counters and cabinets, a deep cleanse may be in order. After all, the kitchen is a place that one expects to be clean and sanitary which may require you to go the extra mile to achieve this!

9. Sweep/ Vacuum the Entire House.

Instead of sweeping and mopping one room at a time, it’s best to sweep or vacuum the entire house first. This is because dirt and dust from other rooms can easily be transferred into a room that has just been cleaned. Not only is this frustrating, but it also lengthens the entire process. So, sweep each room thoroughly and mop the floors after.

10. Scrub Bathrooms

Considering the fact that you will be going in and out of the bathrooms during your overall move-out cleaning, it’s wise to clean them last. Of course, they will be quite filthy by now so it’s going to take a deep clean to get those surfaces spotless and gleaming again.

We believe you are fully capable of adhering to the above tips, FECH moving and cleaning Company would be more than happy to assist you in your move-out cleaning and moving to ensure that your former house is left immaculate for the next owners!

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