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Why You should deep clean your home before moving in?

Buying a new apartment or a new house – something special in your life, due to the fact that you are going to live in an absolutely different place or maybe even a different city. But once we decide to move, we are all looking forward to this for many years.

We all have our own reasons for changing the place of our life, to change the area, the districts, the everything we used to. But one thing is definitely unconditional, and this fact is that moving and changing housing is a new page in our lives. It’s giving new emotions, new life, new neighbors, new events that can fill your life with joy and happiness.

Clean out the house before you move

Before you move into a new home, it is very important to clean it thoroughly! Our helpful tips will help you clean your new home quickly and efficiently!

When you move, it is important that you feel like your new home is truly yours. This is why we all want to get rid of reminders of previous tenants first. Stubborn odors, dirt, cobwebs, and dust should be wiped out by the time you move your belongings to your new home, so this is where you start. Here’s how to approach cleaning a new home:

Although it is etiquette that the previous owners would have to clean the house themselves before moving out, often this work is not done to the end. If this is the case in your case, you will have to get rid of the traces of the previous tenants on your own before moving things, since after the house is inhabited, it will be more difficult to carry out thorough cleaning.

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Clean the house from top to bottom

For a deep clean you need to call professional cleaners. Cleaning services will definitely know how to arrange these kinds of cleaning. You can call the same company which helps you with moving because we all know that cleaning and moving services from the same company is much easier to use.

House clean should be as deep as it is possible, especially when you’re not going to a new house, but bought a house where already lived another people.

It’s hard to feel at home if someone else’s dirt catches your eye! Traces from previous occupants are mainly found on those objects and surfaces that were often touched. Finish your thorough cleaning by cleaning the following areas and items:

  • Appliances inherited from previous owners (stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine);
  • Toilet, bath, shower and sink;
  • Door handles;
  • Switches and other buttons.

Now that your new home is shining clean, you can move your belongings and feel truly at home!

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