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Top 5 Preparations before an Apartment Move

The idea of moving into a new apartment or a house sounds wonderful, isn’t it?

You are going to live in the house which you have always been dreaming about. But when it comes to the moving process, we preoccupy our minds about how to organize everything correctly. Everyone in the family wants the whole moving process to be smooth, easy, quick and without unexpected ‘’surprises’’. However, there are some important things to do in the new apartment before your final move. Our suggestion is not to miss out any of them!

Change your locks and keys

Safety should be one of the main priorities in every home. What concerns locks, you never know who else, besides you, have an access to your new house, taking into account the fact that the locks were previously changed by someone else. Besides, it is a well-known fact that worn locks are easier to break than the new ones. When changing them, we recommend installing either deadbolt locks, which are very difficult to open with a knife blade or a credit card, or a smart lock system which is more convenient in usage.

Make sure your utilities are all set up according to your preferences

The services that make up the running of your household such as the gas, electricity, water/sewage, garbage disposal, phone, internet and cable TV should all be set in advance, generally one or two weeks before your move-in date, in order to avoid the last minute scrambling. Sometimes you can choose an alternate utility supplier which may not be the same company that delivers the service into your house. You can contact the distribution utility to find out whether there is a option of choice of suppliers.   

Fire protection

The assurance of your family members’ and your security should be on the top of the checklist when moving to a new apartment or a house. As no one is immune to the hidden dangers in life, we can somehow minimize the risk of such kind of incidents taking certain safety measures beforehand. The measures for fire prevention and safety taken in advance can save lives and minimize damage. It is recommended to have one fire extinguisher on every level of your house. The most important point is to check the smoke detectors in your house from time to time, to be sure they are working properly and are clean. If you do not have any, hurry up to install some.

Sort out your belongings

There is no need in moving everything you have in your current apartment to a new house, especially when you surely have certain items you have not been using for a long time and you are not planning to use them anymore. So, it is a good idea to think about what you are going to do with the unnecessary stuff you own. We recommend you to either donate those items or sell them making extra money for buying something new for your new house. Besides, the whole moving process may take long, depending on the amount of the items that must be moved into your new house. Thus, we suggest packing one room at a time, so it will be easier to relocate them in the new place and in this way the whole process will be more organized, time-saving and effective. Our proffesionals of FECH team are always ready to free you from the care of the installation of household items in your new house

Deep clean

If your new apartment was previously settled by other people, it will surely need a deep cleaning even in case the previous residents always kept their house neat and tidy. The deep clean before the delivery of the household items will prevent you from working around a bunch of packages and furniture. Thus, you will save a lot of time and efforts. It will be a real help for you if you hire a professional cleaning service and a stress-free house moving is guaranteed! Our FECH moving service also offers a rearrangement service of furniture and other household items.

FECH helps you to bring the image of your dream apartment into reality and ensures an enjoyable moving experience.

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