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Packing and moving services: Expectation vs Reality

In an ideal world, your upcoming move seems like a trifle. You expect the sun to shine on your move-in day, you won’t forget anything, nothing will break, your kids and pets will behave perfectly, everything will fit perfectly into your new home, and unpacking will take a couple of days. Yes, and you’ll still be on budget.

In reality, the move will require more careful organization, take longer, and cost more than you planned. And it could easily rain.

But of course when you call a moving company to help you with packing and moving services, everything will be much easier than without professionals. 

With that bit of reality aside, let’s move on to something that will help you make your move less stressful, which is to subdue your expectations.

So let’s take a look at how you can manage expectations and reduce potential stress.

Expectation: I like to plan, so moving will be easy.

Reality: you will miss or forget something.

Knowing that you are about to move, pay maximum attention to the planning stage. Then there will be less chance that you will forget something.

If you can prepare a plan before the wave of emotions associated with the move hits you, then you are less likely to miss something.

Checklists are a great way to remember what to do and when to do it. We’ve put together a few checklists for you, so before you get started, take the time to review these lists and adapt them for yourself.

Expectation: You will get rid of 90% of your property.

Reality: It will be very difficult for you to part with 20% of your belongings.

Decluttering will significantly affect the cost of moving. By getting rid of unnecessary things, you will reduce the cost of packing, loading and unloading, and you can even hire a smaller van for transportation.

But you will probably have to overcome emotional attachment to many things, and the inner grumbler will repeat that one day you will need this or that item.

In our comprehensive decluttering guide, you’ll find a lot of helpful tips not only on getting rid of things you don’t need physically, but also on how to let go of things that you’re emotionally attached to.

Expectation: Moving on your own is not as expensive as hiring a moving company.

Reality: moving with the help of professionals will cost you less.

In most cases, moving requires special skills, but even so, some people still decide to move on their own, usually to save money.

However, consider whether moving on your own is really cost effective.

Packing materials are expensive, and packing wisely will save you not only time, but also money. Professional packaging is usually a good investment.

Consider the skills required to move large, heavy pieces of furniture up stairs and into awkward spaces. You can damage not only furniture, but also property and yourself.

Don’t forget that if you damage someone else’s property by trying to push a huge sofa through a narrow doorway, then you’re the one who will have to pay for the repairs.

And how long can you sit on sick leave with a torn back or other injury received while dragging heavy boxes?

Expectation: All moving companies are the same.

Reality: No, it’s not.

Some companies are better at transporting specialized furniture, while others focus on service (this is extremely important). In some – hired personnel, some contain fully trained own staff. Some use environmentally friendly packaging materials, others do not.

It is very important that you take the time to find a firm that will offer the skills and services you need.

Take your time, read reviews and research everything you can about any company you plan to hire.

Expectation: You will stick to your carefully planned budget.

Reality: Your moving budget will burst.

It makes sense to draw up a cost estimate. This is especially important if you plan to move on your own. What if your friends don’t show up on the day of the move and you have to hire helpers? There are many ways to increase the budget for a move.

If you decide to hire a reputable company, ask the right questions, specify exactly what you are transporting, and take into account all the advice, you will have a more accurate idea of ​​the final cost.

Of course, there are things that are beyond anyone’s control and can go wrong, so always have an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

For example, what if the handover of the keys is delayed or the previous tenants have not moved out yet? Perhaps you will incur expenses for storage or lodging, or maybe just a pizza for a team of assistants working late.

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