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How to pack picture frames and mirrors for moving

Moving can be very overwhelming. Not only you have to sort out any belongings, but you have to make sure every item is securely wrapped and packed.

Below, we have compiled a list of every step you need to take to pack picture frames and mirror for moving:
Step 1: Prepare the necessary supplies
Step 2: Choose a suitable area
Step 3: Prepare and wrap the mirror
Step 4: Get the mirror box ready
Step 5: Slide the mirror into the box
Step 6: Label the package
Step 7: Place your mirror in the truck properly

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Step 1: Prepare all the packing tools you will need for the safe bundling

Mainly, you will need:

  • A mirror box (this comes very handy when packing your mirror for moving because they are much more adjustable than standard boxes.)
  • Packing tape
  • A piece of thick cardboard
  • Bubble wrap (this will protect the mirror during the move)
  • Packing paper (this helps to add extra levels of protection for your mirror)
  • Apermanent marker

Pro tip: Choose only high quality materials for packing mirrors for moving to avoid experiencing any unwanted damage.

Step 2. Pick a suitable packing area for packing pictures or mirrors for moving

Before packing and moving a mirror or a picture, it’s best to set up a safe packing area.

Pro tip: Place a thick moving blanket on the table or on the floor, where you can put the mirrors or pictures during the packing process.

Step 3. Preparing and wrapping the mirror

Before you place the mirror in its box, you should wrap it securely in padded paper or in a bubble wrap to create a tight bundle.

This way you will provide even more secure protection for the mirror.

For extra protection, you can tape a large piece of cardboard to one or both sides of the mirror before wrapping it up.

In case your mirror has curved or sharp edges, then it’s best to take some cardboard and create corner protectors to keep them from getting damaged.

Pro tip 1: Before wrapping up and boxing your mirror, use painter’s tape across the face of the mirror and place a large “X” across the face of the mirror from one corner to the opposite corner. Placing tape will not only prevent your mirror from breaking, but also will help keep broken pieces in place in case your mirror gets damaged during transit.

Pro tip 2: If your picture doesn’t have glass over it, secure the front face by wrapping it in a few layers of kitchen plastic wrap.

Step 4. Getting the mirror box ready

While packing a large mirror for moving, pick a mirror box that is highly adjustable and is made up of four separate pieces that fit together into various sizes to create a custom-sized protective cardboard container.

Before you put your wrapped mirror into the box, you need to make sure the box is secure.

Thoroughly look for any areas that may be open inside the box and stuff packing paper there.

Pro tip: In case you need to pack too large or heavy mirrors, it’s best to contact a moving professional to find a large wooden crate.

Step 5. Placing the mirror into the mirror box

Having done all the steps mentioned above, you can now carefully position the mirror into the box.

Pro tip: Before taping the entire bundle really well together, it’s time to test for safety.
Lift the entire package and shake it slightly – the packed mirror/picture should be entirely still. If everything looks fine, secure it with plenty of tape to secure the bundle.

As a final step, secure the box with the packing tape.

6. Labeling the packing box

As your package is securely sealed shut, use a permanent marker to label your mirror box on both sides. You can mark it with the “FRAGILE” label.

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7. Placing your mirror or picture in a truck and unpacking it properly

For extra safety, it’s best to position it near the back of the truck to avoid damage. As an extra caution, you can reach up to a professional moving company that is equipped with a special vehicle to move your mirrors.

Once you have your mirror in place, slide the mirror out of the box carefully and carefully unwrap the mirror.

Pro tip: While in the truck, the mirror should be positioned upright during transit. Make sure that nothing is stacked on it.

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