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How to keep different rooms clean.

After clean service done with your house, everything seems perfect. But nothing lasts forever as we know. How ever, it doesn’t matter how harder they clean your house, you always would like to keep it clean until next call isn’t it? For this reason, we are here to give you some tips for this solution. Let’s get started!



Cleanliness of your bathroom is maybe the easiest thing comparing with the other rooms of the house. The only thing you have to do is just wipe the water after you wash your hands, teeth or face. Also don’t forget about mirror, sink or shower.


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Due to you are sleeping in your bedroom, it must be spotless. First of all, put items such as accessories on your dressing table or clothes in your wardrobe, in that way your bedroom will look not scattered. For instance, make your bed , by the way, it is the best way to start your day , don’t leave your cloths on the chair and be sure that surface of your shelves are clean.


The kitchen is almost the favorite part of the house for everyone, it’s actually feels like home when you are there, isn’t it. But also it needs to spent more time for clean after every meal. The most important for kitchen to looks clean is have your sink empty and the cooked stove clean. In this point you’ll never have a mess in the place where each member of family feels like home. So, the main advice is -clean like you cook!

Living Room

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Perhaps this is the hardest room for keeping clean. Here can be children, pets and the other members of the family at the same time. Therefore, we are here to help you. First of all, vacuum the carpet if you have one. Secondly clean the room of any kind of items such as toys, table games, books or pillow for couch. And finally it doesn’t matter what area in the house you are going to clean, you should always remember every item should be in its place.

In conclusion, keep your house clean as much as you can, don’t get hung up about every corner of your place.

FECH is here for you and we will take care of every dust in your house.

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