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How to extend the life of a laminate?

Laminate is a strong and durable floor covering that has a lifespan of 15-30 years. But even in spite of this, you need to properly care for it and not allow “overload”. Otherwise, the duration of its operation will be significantly reduced, and first of all, aesthetic qualities will suffer. In fact, there is no coating that remains as durable and aesthetically-pleasing as possible under difficult operating conditions with little or no maintenance. Even polished concrete industrial floors require some maintenance.

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First, rearrange the furniture in the room very carefully, because the laminate does not tolerate the movement of too heavy furniture, you will have to lift it. It is best to make felt pads for the legs of tables, chairs and other furniture that need to be rearranged frequently. 

 Also, it is forbidden to leave water on the surface of the laminate, since until now none of the manufacturers can confidently declare the resistance of the material to prolonged exposure to moisture. If a puddle has formed on the floor, it is best to remove it as soon as possible. 

Never leave even a small amount of liquid on this floor covering. Failure to remove it in a timely manner will cause the stain to form. Of course, such a defect will completely ruin the appearance of the laminate. 

Subject to all the recommendations presented above, you can count on the very long service life of this type of flooring.

And if you want to make things easier for yourself, you can call a cleaning service. When you call for deep cleaning, they will help you to clean your laminate. Usually cleaning services use materials which are so professional, and maybe you won’t have them in your house. So that’s why to call the cleaning service is the best way to clean your laminate with professional materials. Also, choose high-quality laminate flooring. It is more resistant to external influences, so you can take care of it less often. And even if your house has children, pets and many guests, it will withstand the load and will remain the same beautiful for many years.

Always remember, the cleaning service of FECH is here for you.

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