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How to clean windows without damaging them ?

In every house, the clearness of windows is like the face of the house. If we don’t use professional cleaning service for deep window clean, we will clean them for at least every month. In the summer we can rest awhile, because there are not much rain or gross wind, only dust, which we can just swipe off. But in the winter and fall, windows need to be clean more often. Clean windows are so important for house lighting. When it is clean, your house will be brighter. But there are a bunch of problems and complications during cleaning windows. 

The cleaning services exactly know how to clean windows without damaging them. They use special materials for not bring some scratching or streaking. 

When it comes to cleaning anything, it’s always best to start with a materials list. Why? Due to it keeps you from scrabbling to find cleaners. To get started on your windows, you need.

We will give you list which cleaning services are used the most.

Sponge or window scrubber


Lint-free cloth

White vinegar

Dish soap




Spray bottle

Corn starch

You can also clean by yourself with using the list we have given to you. And always remember, the cleaning service of FECH is here for you.

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