Devices to help you while cleaning home

Domestic issues can be solved much easier and faster if you get a pool of electric assistants. We tell you what modern gadgets can significantly speed up restoring order in the house.

Robot vacuum cleaner

If you have not yet appreciated the convenience of a robot vacuum cleaner, be sure to take a closer look at this gadget: after all, it is able to keep the house clean with little or no participation from you. At the same time, there are models for a wide variety of needs: some are able to quite effectively cope with dry cleaning (dust and small debris will not go unnoticed), others also offer wet cleaning in addition, others are designed exclusively for delicate wet cleaning (such models usually have, less power, but will please with the price).

There are many models on the market today – choose, focusing on the functions that are most important to you. Some robots are able to “walk” with special brushes in the corners and along the baseboards; certain models are capable of “self-cleaning” by returning to the docking station and dumping the collected garbage; There are vacuum cleaners that support smartphone control. Of course, the cost of the most functional options will be higher, and simpler robots will cost less.

The device, of course, will not replace general cleaning, but it will make it much easier and save you from the need to constantly maintain the cleanliness of the floor in the house.

Clothes dryer

Wash curtains, dry – and immediately hang them back? Easy! Tidy up bedspreads, upholstered furniture covers, rugs, and runners without having to wait until everything is finally dry? Exactly!

Western housewives have long appreciated how much easier and faster you can put things in order thanks to a clothes dryer. Not to mention, it saves you the hassle of hanging wet clothes, getting a fold-out dryer, and looking for a place to set up and store it.

Steam cleaner

Remove dried stains, tile grout, old grease – and all this quickly, without much effort and without harmful chemicals. Sounds like a fantasy? However, with a steam cleaner, this miracle will become a reality.

Plus: thanks to special nozzles, a household assistant is even suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture and glasses. Minus: the device cannot be used on surfaces that are afraid of hot steam.

Steam Mop.

For those who do not need a multifunctional steam cleaner, and complex dirt is found mainly on the floor surface, a steam mop is suitable. Wet cleaning with its help can be carried out quickly, environmentally friendly, and you can completely forget about difficult stains. And no stains and buckets of water!

Robot window cleaner.

Glittering windows, mirrors, and glass shower doors, and with little or no input from you? Yes, this is possible when you call a cleaning service, and the professional cleaner will make your window shine without any doubt. But what if you don’t want to call the cleaning company? So you can get a small household assistant – a window cleaning robot. The device will do all the dirty work for you, leaving no dust or streaks.

Household waste shredder.

A household waste disposer built into the drain hole of the kitchen sink is a real find for any housewife! You no longer need to clean dishes before washing and worry about blockages: in a matter of seconds, unwanted food waste (including even fairly hard ones, such as, say, chicken bones) is crushed.

Hand vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner without wires and a hose, without having to carry a bulky unit around the house and look for impressive storage space? Why not: modern manufacturers offer compact, not too heavy, and powerful enough models of handheld vacuum cleaners powered by batteries. The main thing is not to forget to charge in time (or return to the charging dock).

Air wash.

An Air washer is a device designed primarily to create and maintain a healthy microclimate in the house. However, the housewives happily note: with its appearance in the house, it is necessary to wipe the dust from the surface of shelves, cabinets, racks and other furniture much less often, the unit literally washes it out of the air.

Mini keyboard vacuum cleaner. A small and useful gadget for those who often work at a computer or laptop. There are models that work from the network or from the USB connector.

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