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Clean windows for transparent future

In order for our house to sparkle with cleanliness, it is necessary to pay attention to all its elements. Among other things, it is important to wash windows from time to time. Clean windows will allow us to admire the beauty of the surrounding view without the barriers in the form of dirty glass. But in order for the windows to be truly clean, it is necessary to wash them without streaks and a white veil, and we will now tell you how to do this.

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Basic knowledge.

In addition to house cleaning skills, it would be nice to know the basic, basic concepts of cleaning and washing. For example, for washing windows there is a whole set of simple rules, the observance of which already guarantees you a good result.

To wash your plastic windows, you should choose a cool, cloudy and calm day, then the weather will favor you. The detergent will not instantly evaporate from the glass and leave rainbow soap stains on it. In general, when the sun shines brightly, the eye is washed out, and you simply don’t see many pollution, so after that all sorts of stains and stains remain.

To wash windows, pour water at room temperature, hot water leaves smudges, and cold washing is simply uncomfortable. When filling the container, do not pour a lot of water, two-thirds or even less will be enough. If you pour water with a slide, then be sure to splash it around the apartment. In addition, you still need to mix the solution, which is problematic.

Make sure your window cleaning equipment is in good condition. The best thing you can do is to use normal napkins or rags, and not torn cotton rags that will leave threads on the glass. After washing, you will not collect threads of rags from the glass.

For high-quality washing of windows and wiping glass, a microfiber cloth is perfect, if you don’t have one, take suede, flannel, or, in extreme cases, another cloth. The most important criterion for a rag is the rapid absorption of moisture, the worse the rag absorbs, the more difficult it will be for you to wash windows without streaks.

Separately, we will dwell on the detergent, because 50% of our result depends on it.


First of all, it is important to choose a good detergent, the solution of which will allow you to thoroughly wash the windows in the house. It is very good that there are a dime a dozen of such funds and we have plenty to choose from.

It is conditionally possible to divide all detergents into three large groups:

  • ready-made liquids that can be used immediately;
  • concentrate, which is mixed with water in a small amount and a washing solution is obtained;
  • a spray that is dosed onto the glass directly during washing (by the way, in some cases it can also act as a concentrate, helping to make a working solution).

Properly selected detergent will not leave marks on the mirror or glass, and will make it shine after all procedures. If you use a ready-made liquid or concentrate to clean plastic windows, it is also very desirable to walk on the glass with a spray at the end of washing. Thus, you will bring them to perfect condition and polish.

Among the folk remedies for polishing glasses and making them shine, one can distinguish a solution of ammonia spirit. But the ammonia in its composition is harmful to humans, so for your own safety it is better not to use this composition, but to look for other ways to achieve the result.

In general, there are a lot of folk remedies, people recommend creating a solution with chalk, tooth powder, blue, soda and even sunflower oil, but why these experiments when it is enough to wash the window with ordinary household chemicals, inexpensive but effective, after which the glass will simply shine purity. Yes, you can even wash it without chemicals, just use the necessary devices, such as a windshield wiper or a steam generator.

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