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How to choose the best cleaning service out of hundreds?

It is quite an overwhelming and time consuming task to choose a cleaning service.

Only in Washington DC there is a great number of cleaning companies that offer various services. To make it easier, it is preferable to first of all determine what you really want to clean: whether it will be the whole house or just a certain part, like kitchen or bathroom. Thus, while choosing a cleaning service, first of all try to find out what professional cleaning services they offer. There are companies that offer only certain services, like they provide house or apartment cleaning services but they do not have laundry or washing services.

After you find the cleaning service company you find suitable, you should decide how often you will use their services. Maybe you need deep cleaning only once or twice a month? Try to determine the frequency of the appointments. Usually the services are cheaper, if the appointments are frequent. For instance, weekly or bi-weekly services are considerably cheaper as compared to monthly visits.

One time cleanings or move outs are most costly. These appointments are costly because these are cases when you need really an intensive and deep cleaning.

If the search in the Internet has not given you any insight which company to choose, you can still use the conventional method and ask your friends and relatives for advice. The positive feedback of someone you know will surely be helpful to make the right choice. Still, if you do not have anyone to ask about cleaning services, the companies’ customer reviews will also do.

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House cleaning service prices

If you have already chosen the company, you should think about the price. Generally you are given an approximate price, but at the end of the services you may be astonished to receive a jaw dropping bill. So, make sure that the price given is for the whole apartment cleaning services. This will save you a lot of money and inconvenience. If you are going to use the company’s services for the first time and you are not sure of their separate services, just go for an apartment rate. It is safer both financially and in efficiency.

After the work is done, you should not hurry to see the cleaners off. First, do a walk-through. This will save you a lot of disappointment. If anything was missed during the cleaning, you can ask the cleaners to pay more attention to that certain part of your house or apartment. Think about this while the cleaners are in your house. Once they step out, you will not have a chance to bring them back and redo the cleaning.

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How much to tip cleaning service

It is surely advisable to tip the cleaners, like you tip waiters in restaurants, etc. The size of the tip and generally whether to tip the cleaner or not determines the quality of their work and the size of your house. If you are satisfied with the results, you can tip the cleaner as much as you are able to afford. The size and the state of your apartment or house is also very important. For instance, if you have an especially dirty kitchen or bathroom you may decide on tipping your cleaner.

If this is a one-time cleaning the decision to tip is easier. Yet, if you call the same cleaners weekly or bi-weekly, you should tip only when the work done is especially time consuming or filthy.

And the last but, perhaps, the most important advice is to pay attention on the responsibility reviews of the clients. Time is really precious and you cannot waste your time on cleaners who will never turn up or who will be late and cause to change your plans and schedule.

So, while choosing cleaning services there is really a lot to take into consideration if you do not want to end the day dissatisfied and angry.

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