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Before selling your house, deep clean it with us

You always want to do the cleaning for yourself. True, when for some reason we want to sell an apartment, cleaning will have to be done … for others. Why you need to clean the apartment before selling it and who better to entrust it to deep cleaning service or do everything by own – read our material.

American films often show the process of selling a house there: the realtor arranges a “view day”, treats and nice gifts are organized for potential buyers. Of course, the dwelling is washed to a shine – in it, as in a museum. After all, even for cars there is the concept of “presale preparation”. It includes washing, interior cleaning, tire blackening and body polishing: it’s nice to sit in such a car! Of course, the apartment also needs to be shown to the buyer in its pure form, even if you are selling it yourself.

It often happens that we sell an apartment in which we ourselves no longer live – for example, we have already purchased a new home. And at the same time, you need to put things in order in another apartment, not for yourself, but for someone! Of course, this is a waste of energy. Therefore, we advise you to seek help from cleaning and moving companies in Washington: you will save your nerves, and the result will be much better.

Cleaning before sale

If you have already left the apartment and are planning to show it to a potential buyer, it is advisable to do a general cleaning in it. There may not be as much work as in a residential apartment, because the apartment for sale is probably devoid of some furniture or household items. And if you leave everything in the apartment – from furniture to appliances, then general cleaning will definitely not hurt. Many companies have a separate “pre-sales cleaning” in their range of services. Specialists will not only put things in order in the corners, on the upper tiers and in hard-to-reach places. Cleaners can:

  • Wash and polish windows. If your apartment has a good view, be sure to show it to the buyer. Well-washed windows, without streaks and streaks – the best thing you can think of. Your home may have a lot of flaws, but the good location of the window will solve everything. However, even a noisy highway will look more attractive if you look at it through a clear window.
  • Clean and “renew” carpets and furniture. Cleaning company specialists can remove complex stains from sofas, armchairs, ottomans, without taking them out of the apartment anywhere. Furniture upholstery will become brighter and renew its appearance. The same can be said about carpets: old and fresh stains will be removed from them, and the pile will rise. Even if you take the carpets and furniture with you, your customer will have a pleasant feeling from your soft carpet and clean, fresh sofas. And you will bring everything “like new” to your new apartment.
  • Clean out plumbing. It is not necessary to have expensive modern sanitary ware to make the bathroom look attractive. Masters will clean taps, faucets, toilet bowl (which is unofficially considered the “face of the hostess”), and sinks to a shine. A clean tile and neat, mold-free seams will be an excellent backdrop for all this. Install a good fragrance on the wall. All this will help to create an image of you as a neat owner who keeps his house clean and takes care of it. These are nice to buy!
  • Remove unpleasant odors from the apartment. This is true if you have a wayward cat or an irreconcilable smoker. Modern technologies, such as ozonation, for example, will quickly and effectively get rid of unpleasant odors without a trace. Buyers will not guess that the apartment was once smoked.
  • With the help of “dry fog” you can aromatize your home: a light, unobtrusive aroma will remain in the rooms, which will last for several days.
  • Get rid of insects. Agree, it will be unpleasant if, at the moment when you have almost reached an agreement, a detachment of ants proudly walks past you or a cockroach runs. Insect treatment is useful in principle, for prevention, especially in summer, when management companies routinely poison insects in the basements of houses. Disinsection and disinfection of the premises is also done using ozonation – this method eliminates the splashing of poisons, but works flawlessly.
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